Certified Legal Post-editor and Translator

Areas of specialization

  • corporate law
  • commercial law
  • litigation
  • M&A
  • banking and capital markets law
  • compliance
  • tax
  • family law

Source texts include:

  • articles of association and financial statements
  • agreements, contracts, and terms & conditions
  • pleadings and court rulings
  • merger agreements and due diligence
  • market regulations
  • compliance guidelines
  • tax rulings
  • other

Description of services

  • post-editing (ISO 18587) or translation, German > English
  • flexible pricing for post-editing

Key strengths

  • 22 years’ experience in German>English legal translations
  • certification:
    Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (Law)
    CIOL (London)
  • positioned as a mid-market provider, with pricing oriented to the agency/freelancer business model

Clients, work methods, and testimonials