I am a native English speaker born and educated in the United Kingdom. I hold a BA in German from Oxford University (1987).

After graduating I moved to the US and obtained a doctorate in German literature from the University of Southern California (1991), with a dissertation on the writer Lion Feuchtwanger (of whom I am a great-nephew). I then worked for several years as a lecturer in German and freelance business journalist covering technology and finance.

In the mid-90s I trained for three years alongside a US-based German > English translator. After completing my training, in 1999 I set up on my own as a language professional with three main areas of expertise: legal translations; transcreation; and B2B technology copywriting for DACH companies

I hold German <> English court interpreter certification (DPSI Law, 2004) from the Chartered Institute of Linguists in London, and have worked as a G<>E interpreter on commercial law and family law cases in England and America.

Over the years I have built a reputation in three areas: German > English legal post-editing and translating; transcreations; and B2B technology copywriting in English for DACH companies.