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(based on word count or line count of target text):

Direct clients (price varies depending on the assignment):

USD 0.24/word
EUR 1.65/line
CHF 2.00/line
GBP 0.15/word

Agency clients:
price by agreement.

Site updated:
November 2015
Direct clients (selection):
-- Clifford Chance, Frankfurt
   (200,000 words of cross-border M&A agreements and related documents)
-- Burris, Schoenberg & Walden, LLP, Los Angeles
   (150,000 words of briefs and rulings in WWII restitution cases)
-- Commerzbank legal department, Frankfurt
   (IT services agreements; legal conference paper on investor protection)
-- Ferguson Solicitors, London
   (potential libel case against German newspaper)
-- Mishcon de Reya, London
   (evidence in bankers' bonus case)
-- Law Offices of Peter Sloan, Los Angeles
   (sexual harassment case involving airline employee)
-- Peach Property Group, Zurich
   (articles of association and corporate governance rules)
-- SoCal IP Law Group LLP, Los Angeles
   (international patent applications (PCT) for electronic and mechanical devices and systems)

Agency clients:
Baker & Harrison, Munich
Austria Sprachendienst, Vienna
Accurapid, Poughkeepsie, New York

In 15 years as a full-time German to English translator I have also translated numerous financial, IT and marketing texts for agency clients and direct clients.